Parent Coordinator


Mario Arciniega  


Phone:  718-591-1500 ext. 1951

Fax Number: 718-591-8791


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school family and introduce myself.

My name is Mario Arciniega, and I have had the honor to be part of P.S. 154 community as Parent Coordinator since 2016.

The position of Parent Coordinator was established to support and involve you, the parent community, in your child’s/children’s education. My job is to provide information, outreach, and support to you so that you can help your child/children to be as academically successful as possible. As you will hear repeatedly, studies show that the more involved a parent is in the education of his or her child/children, the more success the child/children have in school. Your involvement is truly one of the greatest and lasting gifts you can bestow upon your child/children.

With the many changes and reforms made within the NYC Department of Education, it is crucial that parents are kept up to date, informed, and involved. Remember, you are your child’s advocate. Keep up with his/her daily activities in school. Keep your copy of the monthly calendar and your parent handbook on your fridge or another visible location. Ask your child/children questions that require more than a one-word answer. It is crucial that you check homework assignments daily, whether they do it at home, in after-school, or with a private tutor. Help your child with organizing him/herself at home. Develop a schedule for homework, and a time for recreation and fun.

Please feel free to stop by the school with any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments. I am available Monday – Friday and  I can be reached by phone at 718-591-1500 ext. 1951 or by e-mail at Also, please be sure to drop me an email with your email address so that I can add your name to our distribution list. I frequently send emails with upcoming event information and items of interest.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to help our children and our community thrive!

Mr. Mario